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Tiffany - is proud to recommend

The  online clothing store that beats all others.


TOTALLY FREE , NO STRINGS PLEASURE, cock draining and sexual fantasy fulfilment for horny , Alpha males.

 Men have written testimonials
Verifications about how discreet i am , many were married.


About Tiffany

i am absolutely obsessed with serving the needs of Alpha Males.

i adore , worship and OBEY Alpha males. i love men and their masculinity and i cannot get enough of them. i am ADDICTED to men.

i also am a submissive, which means that i like men to control me and use me.

Control and use me as a vessel to fulfil your needs and sexual desires.

It is not about cock size either !

i will serve a 3 inch cock , i will serve a 9 inch cock , i am NOT a "size queen".


About me :

As you will see from my pictures, i am a tall, slim, totally smooth tgirl.
(Other words used to describe fems like me are crossdresser, sissy, trap and transvestite).

i am 5ft 10" (or 6ft 2" in my heels!) but much shorter on my knees!

My hair is natural , shoulder length, dark brown and my eyes are red, from gagging on all of your lovely cocks!

i have a major weakness for sky high heels.
i always wear stockings, NEVER tights as any hole should have easy, fast access to a man in need.

Remember, i do not serve White/Caucasian men in general , unless you appeal to my "kinky side" (below) or i might be persuaded to, for an escort fee !



Meeting me is always about your pleasure is ALL ABOUT YOU, your needs, your desires, your fantasies.

Reciprocation is not expected, just good, clean (or dirty) , no strings fun and satisfaction.

i am tested for STD's regularly!

i am "low risk" as i tend to meet only heterosexual men , many being partnered or married.

i am covid and monkey pox vaccinated.


I am here for SEX and REAL TIME meetings. i am not here to chat , make friends, webcam or cyber.

I live in S.Central London UK, in a discreet, private (no neighbours) penthouse.

I am only here to pleasure men sexually and so, firstly, you NEED to live in my home town OR visit my home town occasionally OR live in a place where i am going to be travelling to in the very near future. (These places, if any, will be stated in my location or written below)

OR , you would need to live alone and be able to pay to transport me to you , to be your sex slave, home or abroad, for a mutually agreed time limit.

As with meeting ANYONE , meeting will depend on mutual physical attraction. Just because we may be a match in our sexual desires it does not automatically follow that we will meet. i do need to "fancy" you in order to meet...

so i will be requiring your face pic , when you contact me.

i like men aged 18 - 59 who's weight is in proportion to their height.

Overweight guys , if you have a beer belly , a "spare tyre", boobs DO NOT CONTACT ME, i am not attracted to you.


I have 2 sides to me, a *VANILLA* side and a *KINKY* side.

I will explain both of my sides and my requirements in great detail below and i would like to ask you to have read them carefully before contacting me.


My Vanilla side.

(The word Vanilla, in sexual terms, is often used to describe regular/normal sexual practices.)

I seek to meet :

1 - BLACK and Dark Skinned men.

(e.g African , Caribbean, Indian/Pakistani Asian, Dark Arabic, Nubian types etc...)

aged 18 -59yrs who's weight is in proportion to height. No beer bellies please.

2 – Dark VERY, VERY hairy men, like Greek/Turkish Daddies. You will have hairy arms , legs, chest and arse crack. The more hair you have , the better – hairy backs drive me wild. If you were as hairy as a gorilla , that would be phenomenal.

i especially love hairy arse hole as it lands on my tongue for cleaning.

3 – Huge men, built like power lifters/bears. Your arms will be as big as most girls legs ! You will have a huge powerful chest, it might even look like you have no neck ! Don’t be fat , just be solid !

4 - Masculine men wearing lingerie

i also have a fetish for MASCULINE men in lingerie. If you are a mans man, confident that you are 100 percent masculine BUT you like to slip into nylons and lingerie then i find that EXTREMELY erotic and hot.
Let me know if you want to put on my stockings when we meet.


i am NEVER attracted to red headed/ginger men.

i am rarely attracted to smooth skinned , blonde men

I am attracted to MEN and masculinity only.
I am not attracted in any way to tgirls or females, feamles and tgirls DO NOT contact me.




i am passive , you are active .

i am feminine, you are 100 percent masculine.

i am all woman, you are all man, i always remain "tucked".

i am sexually insatiable, you will be too

i can your normal "girl" OR experimental and kinky, very kinky if you like! i am unshockable.

You will be assertive, confident, know what you want and not leave until you get it.

OR he may be none of the previous examples BUT he is a DOMINANT Master and likes to train and use tgirls like slutty, compliant submissives. Which , brings me to my kinky side.......

My Kinky side.


i will meet compatible Kinky men of ANY race/skin colour (so, Caucasian men , you are included here). ***


i will ONLY follow up on white skinned men who are genuine , lifestyle kinksters . Your established profiles on the internet will reflect this.
White guys who are not experienced in kink and would just like the opportunity to tie me up in order to meet me are NOT going to get through.

i like kinky servitude (Master/slave) type of lifestyle.
i am NOT into pain , so all you spankers out there , sorry , i am not the girl for you BUT that leaves A LOT of other kinky activities for you to indulge in .
i am VERY much into bondage and control situations. Tied securely for you to make full use of my submissiveness.

i love Dominant , assertive , kinky , imaginative Top men.

Lets just say my only
current known limit is pain and i am open to ANY of your kinkiest desires as i am experimental, submissive , responsive and totally unshockable.

Recently re-discovered
fisting , so any guys who really get off on gaping, stretching and fisting a gurl in the ass hole and/or stretching her with giant toys - get in touch. Also , recently introduced to human toilet training , so , guys who like to abuse your bitches with your hardsports ( yellow and brown waste) you can take a seat on my face and order me to open my mouth wide and order me to swallow.


My submission to you can be one-on-one , in a group situation , (
do you and your friends need a gang bang sub ?) indoors in private or outdoors (dogging , forests, sex-clubs etc...)
My submission can include humiliation and my predicament can be photographed , broadcast on webcam or filmed.

Are you an exhibitionist too ? Or maybe you can exhibit your slave without yourself in the picture?
You will be assertive, nasty , and demanding.
i submit to males with two legs and males with four legs!


If my kinky side appeal to you most , i go in to great detail on this page.

Please only go there if you are an assertive , Dominant male who is not easily shocked.

Click  BDSM to visit



Finally , men whom do not fit in to the criteria of men whom i like to "date" have often seen more of me on the internet , more pictures , more videos, more accounts of my servitude to cock and they are really , really enthusiastic to meet me.

This is very FLATTERING and so i will consider meeting these men on an "escort" basis - a paid visit from you.
I do not do this very often , ( i have a proper job!) which means i won't be jaded and will provide an enthusiastic , authentic experience for you.


Thanks for reading this far. There is no need to over think things any more, in basic terms, you have now found a confidential slut who WILL become your secret pleasure provider, who will obey , for free , no strings.

All you have to do is  Email Me <--- clicking this button will let you get in touch with me so that i may serve you.

* Don't forget to include your location, stats and face picture (no hats, no sunglasses) *

Is Tiffany real and does all that she says ?

Read what other men who have met me have said about my free service
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I also co - organise free sex parties for Black men and Tgirls.
Our Tgirl and Black African Men Gangbang Website is now functioning. At our monthly parties we always have 6 – 10 gorgeous tgirls to offer their holes up to Black men.

Details can be found at :

i get lots of email and , although i appreciate compliments, i don't really have time to respond to men who live hundreds of miles away from me or who will not be visiting London. I MEET AND SERVE FOR REAL, I DO NOT INDULGE IN ENDLESS CHAT, EMAIL CORRESPONDENCE OR CYBER ON WEB CAM EITHER. i am not a fantasist or a timewaster, you MUST be the same and live close to me or be able to travel, or ship me to you.



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