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My original video page had trouble loading. I think it was because i had so many videos and the gigabytes were so great.
I have now put each video on to its own , separate page. This SHOULD ( hopefully ) make it load faster.
My videos are described below, just click on the ones that you wish to watch and they will open up in a new window. You can close that window , when you have watched it, and you will still have this main video page open , to choose more.

Still cant view my videos ?

i have a few here ->


Click on the picture to open the video in a new window


Tiffany is dressed head to toe in latex. Her long hair is pulled through her latex mask. "BBC Master Knight" grabs her hair and pushes her on to his BBC. She sucks , she gags, she drools , she whimpers ! (Added Dec 2016)


Tiffany is put in restraints. She cannot move her hands. She is face fucked by leather Master Lex and he shoots down her throat.
(Added Dec 2016)


 Tiffany sucking, rimming and being fucked and gaped by young BBC lad,  "Junior" (10 minutes long - 160mb)


Tiffany sucking cock - Head to toe latex sex doll
(3:04 minutes , 22mb)


Tiffany sucking cock
(2:20 , 17MB)

Tiffany sucking cock
(1:11 , 8MB)

Provided by Freemake the developer of software for Youtube in MP3 conversionTiffany sucking cock
(3:37 , 17MB)


 Tiffany serving and sucking 3 Black Bulls
(4:12, 29mb)

 Tiffany Throat fucked - lots of drool !
( 2:57 , 44MB )


 Tiffany, the maid, rimming - cleaning a black guy's arse hole with her tongue.
( 0:28 , 3.3mb)


  Tiffany being fucked in the arse by dark dick -  01.
(1:19 , 7mb )


 Tiffany being fucked in the arse by dark dick -  02.
(0:50 , 6mb )

 Black Master Ironpanda stretches Tiffanys hole with a BIG black dildo.
( 1:43 , 9.5GB )

Black Master Ironpanda stretches Tiffanys hole with a huge plastic bottle.
( 1:03 , 6GB )

Black Man puts Tiffany in to a latex urinal hood , which collects his piss. It drains in to her mouth , she drinks his piss. She needs MORE human toilet training , liquids and solids - will YOU give it to her ?

3:21, 35GB )


Tiffany is placed in heavy bondage.
She is kept in bondage, then released and used for fucking , human toilet training, giant dildo gaping and fisting. She needs MORE of this heavy use.
Will YOU be the one to tie , isolate and use her ?

(7:40) (0.23GB)

A tube is locked in to Tiffanys' mouth.
The tube runs to an urinal.
Tiffany is forced to drink and Alphas fresh piss !



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